Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will pay a one-day official visit to the Republic of Macedonia today. During the stay and the meetings with the top leaders in the country, according to the announcement of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dendias will discuss several bilateral, regional and global, above all, crisis topics.

According to the announcement the activities implemented both by Macedonia and Greece so far in accordance with the Prespa Agreement will also be discussed. Which means that Dendias is coming to Macedonia, among other things, to check how is the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken with, at the very beginning named and evaluated as an asymmetric agreement, going, analyzes “Pressing TV”.

Objectively, in the past three years, Macedonia has fulfilled almost everything that was foreseen by the Prespa Agreement. It changed the name of the state, it changed the Constitution, changed the names of state institutions, now, contrary to the highest state act, began to change ID cards, driver’s licenses, vehicle license plates, removed Macedonians from birth certificates, despite the claims of a cemented identity, changed the plaques on the monuments regarding their origin from antiquity, changed the name of the street where the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located, it also changed the name of the Archaeological Museum, removed the Kutles star from the manhole covers…

Only MANU and the Football Federation of Macedonia are bravely resisting to add “North” to their names, but it won’t be long till the government makes sure to fix it with a little political force.

In an interview with “Republika” professor Natasa Kotlar said that it is extremely inappropriate for Greece to check the status of the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and the arrival of their foreign minister in Skopje.

The foreign handwriting of the Prespa Agreement never took care of the Macedonian specifics. I see the worst in the use of the Macedonian attribute. That is why the arrival of the Greek minister is extremely inappropriate, as if we are the little students, so now the inspector has come to make an insight. Any such agreement provides for obligations for the other party. And who will control the other party. “Skopia” and other inappropriate comments still exist on the other side of the border, she said.

And what has so far Greece implemented from the obligations arising from the Agreement which are very few anyway? It changed the traffic signs with the name of our country, opened the Markova Noga border crossing, pressed Bulgaria over the start of EU accession negotiations, calmed nationalism and chauvinism towards Macedonia and the Macedonians…? No. For the Greek government and opposition, it is more relevant and essential whether they would have Turkey on the northern border !!!