The group of Greek hackers who claimed that they have made their way into a number of Macedonian Government institutions, companies and news sites threatens that it will “delete the country from the internet”.

The end of N.Macedonia/Skopje whatever you call it in the cyberspace is near, we will delete their country from the Internet. Their most important ministries and government portals have already been hit, more are expected. Don’t mess with the best, the group that goes by the name Powerful Greek Army said on Twitter.

Macedonian institutions deny that any real damage was done. The group at one point posted videos from surveillance cameras which they say come from the Macedonian Education Ministry. Other than that, they seem to have temporarily brought down several Government news sites.

Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska said that they take cyber attacks very seriously and that “even if hacking attempts were made, they did not reach their goal”.