Greek opposition New Democracy demanded that Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos taes action after it noted that the Macedonia Timeless site created to promote Macedonia as a tourism destination continues to use the name Republic of Macedonia.

This provocative and brazen use of the term Macedonia by an official Skopian news site, for tourism promotion of the neighboring country no less, proves that our worst predictions were true. The Tsipras Government allowed our neighbor to use the term “Macedonian” for its identity and language and the word “North” will simply fade as time goes by, the Government must act immediately, New Democracy, the conservative party expected to win the coming early general elections, said in a press release.

Katrougalos responded that Zaev’s Government is busy renaming institutions to reflect the name “North Macedonia” or simply erasing the adjective “Macedonian”, and that a new tourism promotion campaign will be put in place soon which will reflect the “new name”.