Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos warned Macedonia that Greece will still block its European Union accession unless all “traces of irredentism” are expunged from the country.

As regards the Republic of North Macedonia, we support its European perspective. But, a precondition for this perspective is that they fully and sincerely respect European laws and international law, and this includes the Prespa treaty. It must be interpreted and implemented in a way that will leave no trace of irredentism. Any contrary tactics would block the European integration process of North Macedonia, Pavlopoulos said in his comments on day of the Greek uprising.

Under the Prespa treaty, while NATO membership can be secured with just the name change, Greece will expect minute implementation of the new name domestically, within Macedonia. The treaty also provides that Macedonia will give a new, Greek approved description of national monuments, and will open its history books to Greek re-interpretation.