MP Artan Grubi in a statement to “Plusinfo” denies that he is the organizer of the celebration of the Shkupi fans who demolished the Macedonian National Theater (MNT) on Friday and that the “Shverceri” are not vandals.

Rampage is the storming, beating and chanting in Parliament on April 27, not the celebration of football fans, where chanting, singing is expected, but not vandalism, which I would condemn at any moment. Reactions are absurd, hypocritical, and represent a typical deliberate political abuse of an event in favor of election propaganda. I am not the organizer of the event, but I must point out that the theater belongs to the people, it does not belong to VMRO or to SDSM, it is built with our money, with the citizens’ money, not with the money of VMRO and belongs to the citizens. The 20th anniversary was marked at the Albanian Theater 10 years ago with a documentary screening, just like the 30th anniversary at MNT, attended by football veterans, coaches, Albanians, Macedonians and others who were given awards by organizers, sponsors, mayors, and others. Congratulations on the professionalism of the staff of the theater where countless different events are held, said Grubi.

He failed to respond to the demolition of MNT, over which director Simona Ugrinovska reacted and in a statement to some media outlets referred to Grubi as the organizer for the presence of the “Shverceri” in MNT.