Following a session of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) central presidency, Artan Grubi conveyed the party’s stance that they would run independently in the April 12 elections, and urged the opposition in the Albanian political bloc to unite.

DUI is the largest Albanian political party and will run independently without coalitions with either the Macedonian or Albanian parties. On the contrary, we urge the Albanian opposition parties to unite, so that Albanians do not lose the votes and potential of MPs in our country. We hope that they will be able to unite so that the Albanians do not lose. In any case, here’s DUI that will win the elections and I think we will represent Albanians as we have represented them for the past 17 years, in the most dignified way, Grubi said.

Asked by a journalist about public information that there would be no DUI ministers in the interim government, Grubi replied that his party was crucial to Macedonia’s political processes, regardless of their functions.