First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi told “Sloboden pecat” that there must be a consensus to amend the Electoral Code. DUI is pushing for the abolition of the technical government. Grubi says that even if there is no technical government, there will be an Albanian Prime Minister in the last 100 days of the government.

The Electoral Code should be adopted by consensus, not unilaterally because the code sets the rules for everyone. Regarding the abolition of the technical government, this is the position of DUI since before the elections because it is absurd for a NATO member and a country with the green light to start negotiations for EU membership to have a technical government to conduct elections due to distrust in institutions through dysfunctional system that blocks the government. It was also part of the coalition agreement and there are no consequences after the agreement for the first Albanian Prime Minister because they are not mutually dependent because the abolition of the technical government and political prime minister with full powers in the last 100 days was and remains part of the agreement, which we see VMRO-DPMNE respects as well, but the parliamentary parties of the Albanians also promised to vote in favor, Grubi told “Soboden Pecat”.