Artan Grubi has been well known to the Macedonian public since he entered politics. He became famous after the events at the Kale Fortress in 2011 when Albanians protested after the announcement that a church would be built on the Skopje fortress.

It was not planned at all, but a kind of museum was planned to be built. But that was not important at all for Grubi’s supporters, so they almost attacked the Kale Fortress and threw stones at the journalists and the gathered citizens.


Grubi was one of the first suspects in the incidents, but of course there was no indictment due to DUI’s influence in the Prosecution.

In 2019, the rampage of Shkupi fans called “Smugglers” took place, whose unofficial leader is Grubi. The Smugglers demolished the theater when they were celebrating 30 years since the group was formed.

A documentary about Cair fans over the years was screened, and there were big football names who were part of the club. The fans jumped and broke the chairs and the damage from the rampage cost 4,000 euros.

Now Grubi is fanning nationalism in Macedonia with the results of the census that will be published next week.