The use of the mother tongue is a God-given right, says DUI’s Artan Grubi, who thinks there should be no discussion of the Law on the Use of Languages, especially with three Macedonians.

I hesitated all day whether to participate in the show, as I find it unreasonable to talk about the use of the God-given right of use of the mother tongue for any use whatsoever, especially with you three Macedonians, Grubi said on the “Top tema”show, where he debated with Antonio Milososki of VMRO-DPMNE and Sonja Mirakovska of NSDP MP, SDSM coalition partner.

According to him, the reaction of all Macedonian parties, even of the media, to the Law on Languages and the use the Albanian language is absurd.

The law has been implemented for a year now and we see that Macedonia still exists, the same thing happened with the Prespa Agreement, Macedonia still exists and we are still discussing the internal issues, only the cohesion has been gained in this society. The state cannot expect citizens to be loyal if it is not loyal to them. No Macedonian was forced to learn Albanian, or was he punished, Grubi said.