The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi, said today that DUI believes that Zoran Zaev should remain Prime Minister until the parliamentary majority is stabilized, the government reshuffle process is completed and of course the key strategic issues are resolved. However, he added, another prime minister is also acceptable for DUI, who will be proposed by SDSM.

Why would not a new prime minister be acceptable. We respect the decision of SDSM, whoever they elect for leader, whoever they nominate for prime minister, of course, Grubi said today, answering a reporter’s question.

Regarding Alternative joining the Government and the redistribution of ministries, and when asked why DUI gave up such important positions, Grubi stressed that in terms of negotiations between the existing coalition partners and new coalition partners to come, “everyone gives up the positions they have until then.”

 We actually gave up the Information Ministry in the Government, but we got the agriculture department, which is very large and where we have many, many important projects, which we have planned in our program and for which it is very important for us to implement them, said Grubi.

He announced that the cooperation with Alternative will be discussed at the local level these days and expressed hope that such cooperation will take place.