Zaev’s First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi informed the Albanian diaspora that even former citizens, who renounced Macedonian citizenship when acquiring German or other citizenships, can still register in the on-going census. Grubi and other ethnic Albanian members of the Zaev regime are fully dedicated to adding as many ethnic Albanians on the census list as possible. 

Under pressure from the Albanian parties, Zaev agreed that emigrants are counted in the census along with the actual residents of Macedonia, but this was understood to mean actual citizens. Now Grubi says that it isn’t so.

Citizens of countries who do not allow dual citizenship do not lose their right to register in the census. People in Germany or Austria, who do not allow dual citizenship can still register. All it takes is showing a birth certificate or any otherr document, Grubi said, discusing the issue of adding former Macedonian citizens to registry.