A financial forensics report presented before the court today showed that there were no transfers of funds from Macedonia to a Belize based company that purchased land near Skopje. This is a key allegation in the trial in which former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is charged with having intermediaries buy the land for him.

The report was prepared by the defense, since the prosecution is alleging that Gruevski is linked to the company name Sirah Ltd, without material proof.

This is irrefutable evidence that I have not transferred a single euro to the company that purchased the land near Skopje, as the prosecution charges, nor that anyone from our country did. This shows the duplicity of the prosecutors and discloses that they are putting on a case without doing basic investigation into the available facts. There are many additional details about the case, but they all point to further demolishing the prosecution’s case, Gruevski said.

The former Prime Minister, who is in political asylum in Hungary, added that in an unbiased judicial system, this case against him would have been thrown out by the court by now.