Former Prime Minister and President of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski denied Wednesday via Facebook the statement of the businessman and former mayor of Bitola, Siljan Micevski that he gave him ten thousand euros in hand.

Regarding the reports of several media outlets in Macedonia that refer to today’s testimony of the businessman, former mayor of Bitola and former senior official of SDSM – Siljan Micevski in the case dubbed “Talir 1”, I point out the malice of some media outlets and I deny them completely as not true. During today’s testimony of the two witnesses, both did not confirm the allegations in the indictment against the defendants, hence probably the need for some partisan media to present a different picture of their testimony to the public, especially about Siljan Micevski. I never had a meeting or telephone conversation with Siljan Micevski when I was prime minister, nor did I ever suggest him anything or anyone to finance, and I have never asked for or received anything from him, Gruevski wrote on Facebook.