Nikola Gruevski wrote on Facebook that Zaev will accept refugees from Afghanistan fleeing from the Taliban, while he created a Taliban judiciary in Macedonia fully controlled by him for the cases that are important to him and which accuses and passes verdicts on his orders.

If it is enough for the Taliban to sentence you just for being their opponent,and it is no different in Macedonia after Zaev and SDSM came to power. They do not need real evidence, real witnesses, or a crime, Gruevski said.

He said that’s what happened with dozens of defendants in the April 27 cases, who, in order to be given high prison sentences, were falsely convicted on terrorism charges. Thus, as Gruevski says, dozens of political prisoners are imprisoned on completely invented charges as in many other politically-motivated cases where verdicts are passed without basic evidence.

In Afghanistan, after 20 years, the Taliban and their courts, which judge according to their rules and orders, have come to power. In Macedonia for the fifth year we have a Taliban judiciary under the control of Zoran Zaev in which the ineligible judges are dismissed with the explanation that some kind of vetting is being done, he said.