Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski recalled on Facebook the several meetings he had with the then special prosecutor Katica Janeva, at which she asked him to cooperate with the SPO and change his lawyer. The proposal was for him to set up the other defendants such as Jankulovska, Janakieski, Protuger for his release.

Are you asking me to set others up for you to set me free? I asked her.Do not take things that way, I just want you to help us, to have cooperation.” And I replied that I know the people well and I know that they are not to guilty of anything. That they, like me, are under political persecution and that I have nothing that would help her, and to set up someone innocent, is out of the question. “Fine,” she replied angrily and with a sharper tone. Then we will continue with our work, after which we finished the meeting shortly.

That is why Gruevski thinks that what Jane Cento’s father says is true, that his son received an offer to testify falsely in exchange for a lighter sentence.