The government continues with the political persecution and the witch hunt against me and other people in order to extort any statements against me, reacts the former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski over the the latest charges against him.

Today’s investigation has the same purpose as all the previous ones and is without any basis because the allegations are lies obviously intended and constructed in order to discredit me, further persecute, defocus the public from their disastrous work, trading with national interests, numerous and daily embezzlements, crime and racketeering committed by the government. Everything in the announcement with which they opened an investigation is a lie and incorrect and one day all they will fail. Only the traumas they inflicted on all those they persecute and the memory of the time when Macedonia is a country with the largest number of politically persecuted people in Europe will remain together with the persecuted people with the intention to force them to be a tool of the government in persecuting political opponents, writes Gruevski.