Journalist Branko Geroski, who reported extensively on the allegations that Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva was involved in racketeering businessmen, announced he will reveal the names of the two SDSM party officials suspected of working with her on Monday.

Geroski used code names “Kiki” and “Friki” to describe the man and the woman, who he says provided the political backing that was necessary for the high profile racketeering of businessmen across Macedonia. Other hints Geroski dropped and the choice of the names made it clear to the public who he is talking about, but Prime Minister Zoran Zaev indirectly threatened to drag journalists before the courts if they keep asking him about the officials of his party involved in racketeering.

Geroski responded to the challenge with a short Facebook post. “On Monday I will tell you who Friki and Kiki are”.

In a series of articles, apparently based on the charges prepared by state prosecutors and on an interview with a high profile businessman who was being fleeced for money, Geroski detailed how the group operated. He alleged TV station owner Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, often accompanied by “Kiki”, would pressure businessman to purchase incredibly overpriced ad campaigns in his 1TV television, later dividing the money with the SDSM party. In at least one instance the group pressured an SDSM Mayor of a city to give them a plot of publicly owned land to develop a bogus charity, which the group later sold for development.

Most damaging for them and for the SDSM party, are the allegations that the group used the cache of wiretaps which SDSM has been releasing in 2015, and which were supposed to be stored safely with Special Prosecutor Janeva, to blackmail businessmen. In the case for which Boki 13 was charged, he allegedly extorted 1.5 million EUR from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, on the promise that Special Prosecutor Janeva would drop her money laundering charges against Kamcev in return.