The Skopje Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic was left without electricity last night. The reason was a major breakdown at the Kozle station that left much of downtown Skopje without power. But in such situations for a very short period of time, a generator turns on when the power goes out in healthcare institutions. That was not the case last night at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic, clinic sources told Alfa. According to the same sources, surgeries were performed at the moment.

What is unacceptable is the generator not turing on. All the while there was no electricity in the residential buildings, houses, that was the case with the Clinic. It’s incomprehensible, someone has to assume responsibility, the source told Alfa.

Moreover, there were not just surgeries in progress but also babies in incubators.

All that time the lives of the babies in incubators and those on breathing support were endangered, the source added.

A major breakdown at the Kozle station has left downtown Skopje without power. Affected regions include the downtown area, from Mt. Vodno to the Ilinden boulevard.

Source: Alfa