The European Commission enlargement chief Johannes Hahn today said that he is recommending to the European Council to open accession talks with what he calls “North Macedonia” and Albania, without delay. Hahn, an outspoken supporter of the Zaev regime, heaped praise on the country.

Good news for Albania and North Macedonia! EU Commission repeats its recommendations of last year to open now accession negotiations with both countries! Both countries have delivered. To remain credible with the merit-based process, the EU must stick now to its commitment and respond clearly and positively when countries fulfill theirs! Credit should be given where it is due. North Macedonia has delivered on reforms and resolved the long standing name issue with Greece. EU has to live up to its commitments by opening accession negotiations as soon as possible without any delay! #Credibility, Hahn’s team tweeted as he spoke in what he said is his last appearance before the European Parliament.

Macedonia has received half a dozen such recommendations in the past, but they were blocked at the European Council level, where Greece used its veto right. This time around, Greece is likely not to use the veto, at least for as long as Tsipras is Prime Minister. But, France rose up as new opponent of opening accession talks, with the Netherlands, Denmark and even Germany skeptical to various degrees.