VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition for the Renewal of Macedonia will file a non-confidence motion against Macedonia’s Parliament Speaker due to inappropriate behavior, all violations of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, violation of the Constitution of Macedonia, as well as Xhaferi’s insults to Parliament employees, said the party called on all MPs in the Macedonian Parliament to support the non-confidence motion against Talat Xhaferi.

Kovacevski should also get out of the lap of DUI and SDSM MPs should support the non-confidence motion against Talat Xhaferi. The autocrat Xhaferi showed that he is not worthy to be the Parliament Speaker because of his primitivism, violation of the Rules of Procedure and the Constitution and undemocratic behavior. Xhaferi vulgarly insulted the employees of the Parliament. Xhaferi contacted a Chechen politician who poses a security risk to the country because of his closeness to the Kremlin. Xhaferi locked the MPs in the Parliament. What else should Xhaferi do for Kovacevski muster the courage and as SDSM leader demand his resignation? There is a well-founded suspicion that both Kovacevski and DUI are deliberately provoking a scenario in the Parliament that should be a defocus from the real problems, incompetence and crime of the government. Xhaferi’s resignation is a well-founded and logical act after all his behavior and we expect Kovacevski’s SDSM to have a little virtue, said VMRO-DPMNE.