Patricija Kalamaras, head of the infectious diseases department at the 8th of September hospital in Skopje, one of the two places that treat the most difficult coronavirus cases, issued a dramatic plea to the public. As the number of patients treated in this clinic and at the Infectious Diseases Clinic, surpassed 200, Kalamaras says that the doctors and nurses are at the end of their strength.

Please, protect yourselves and protect us. Our healthcare system is on its knees, Kalamaras said.

She informed the public that the hospital was completely overcrowded with patients and is nwo forced to dedicate a fifth ward to Covid-19 patients.

We have enormous problems providing mechanical ventilation, but more and more patients come in a very difficult condition. We are running out of room and machines. The staff is exhausted, Kalamaras said.

The Healthcare Ministry ordered nurses from several other cities to deploy to Skopje and help reduce the load on the nurses in the two clinics. After the month of Ramadan Macedonia is experiencing a Second Wave of the infection, far surpassing the previous peak in mid April.