The Healthcare Ministry issued a press release to deny the allegations that his wife’s family has entered into a huge real-estate deal in an expensive part of Mt. Vodno with a businessman who does a lot of work with the Ministry. The allegations was made by VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski, who said that this is a clear example of conflict of interest.

For starters, the family of Minister Filipce’s wife doesn’t own 13.000 square meters, but just 5.000 m2, and most of it is agricultural land. The family is building only a family house on 600 square meters, which was bought in 2015, before Venko Filipce became Minister, the Ministry said. The fact that the family doesn’t own the entire land section, but is working together with a controversial businessman, was also clearly stated in the press conference by Stoilkovski.

Filipce’s press service also denied the claim that Synergy, the company owned by businessman Goran Filipov, who is co-investor in the huge villa build, won 7 million EUR in procurement contracts. The Ministry acknowledges that it won only one contract of half a million EUR.