Over the past 24 hours, 22 patients were newly diagnosed with the coronavirus. The Healthcare Ministry said that it performed 145 tests in this period. Most of the newly diagnosed cases are in Skopje (13) and Tetovo (7). The high share of positive tests from all that were conducted in the past day concerned the public.

This brings total number of confirmed coronavirus infections to 1.664. The death toll stands at 91 and it’s estimated that 1.200 patients overcame the virus.

By city, the capital Skopje had the most cases – 563 with 128 still considered active, followed by Kumanovo with 408 confirmed cases and 44 that are still active. Debar and Kumanovo had the most cases per capita, with Debar’s 51 cases among a much smaller population. Prilep, Tetovo and Veles are the only other cities that had more than 100 cases, with 178, 117 and 107 diagnosis so far. Resen and Sveti Nikole are the only two cities in Macedonia without a single Covid-19 case so far.

Five patients were admitted to the two hospitals in Skopje that care for coronavirus cases, bringing the total to 60. Out of them, six are on mechanical ventilation.