Bogdan Ilievski from VMRO-DPMNE talked Monday on the “Samo vistina” show about the Colored Revolution that was formed 5 years ago and pointed out that today there’s nothing from their main slogan “no justice, no peace”.

I have written a lot about all those events since the time when I had doubts, and today I am convinced that a certain political set aimed to abuse an authentic movement. They talk themselves today, after 5 years, how satisfied or not they are with that. There is no peace because there is no justice, today days are peaceful, but it seems that we will somehow wait for justice in the country, Ilievski said.

During the show, Ilievski also asked his interlocutor Stojance Angelov, who supported the Colored Revolution, to say how is the Smilkovsko Lake case going, the Mladenov case and all the cases that were abused for manipulation during the protests then.