There are legitimate reasons why this was done. There are documents that will reveal why the software was procured. It is done to conduct in depth traffic analysis for the Interior Ministry. We did not just got up and decide to make a software, there was a reason for it. And if it is not in use now, it will be in the future.

This is what Zoran Zaev said on March 10 this year. Then he defended with all his might his most loyal ally Dragi Raskovski over the procurement of the software that he developed himself.

Then Zaev said that the software was procured legally and that there are documents for that. Only a month later, a completely different situation. Zaev immediately accepted Raskovski’s resignation and has no comment on today’s detention.

Doesn’t the initial placement of Zaev’s authority as a pledge for Raskovski’s defense show at least two elementary things? Firstly, that he himself was well acquainted with the whole procedure, which in a way, at the very least, makes him an instigator or accomplice in it. And secondly, with whom was the entire communication conducted in the Ministry of Interior, if the technical Minister of Interior was not notified at that time? The need of the Ministry of Interior for such software in general is a completely different matter. After all, could Raskovski have carried out the whole procedure without informing his guardian angel Zoran Zaev?