Afrim Gashi from the Alternative party denied that the party is considering joining the Zaev Government and bolstering its very thin majority. Zoran Zaev today said that he is in talks to enlarge the majority by between 3 and 6 members of Parliament, and his Agriculture Minister Arianit Hoxha added that it could include Alternative, which holds four seats.

There is no truth in these speculations. That is a manipulation that serves some political interests, Gashi said. His party is part of the Albanian opposition coalition, along with the Alliance of Albanians, who won 12 seats on a joint ticket.

The Government is faced with serious issues when it comes to simply convening a Parliament session as it has a majority of just 62 in a 120 seat Parliament, and two of its representatives have Covid-19. Zaev’s comment was a response to the announcement from VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski who said that smaller coalition partners are approaching the opposition and discussing the option of abandoning SDSM and forming a Government with VMRO.