AsVMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski addressed Parliament today as debate began on the proposed new Government, which Mickoski will lead, with the support of the VLEN and ZNAM coalitions. Mickoski warned that the situation in many crucial public services has been degraded to the level of “clinical death” and promised to fully commit to restore the functions of the state.

Important areas have been devastated to being unrecognisable, are in literal collapse and unseen levels of unfunctionality. I’m not saying this simple to ask for excuses before the public or to lament over the poor station situation. I say this because we are determined to respond, strongly, to the failures and to make strong strides forward. I will not ask for the period of 100 days of “honeymoon”, we will furiously begin with new projects and investments, said Mickoski.
Another major commitment of the new VMRO led Government will be to ensure that there is serious fight against pervasive corruption.
Our guiding goal is to restore trust in the public institutions, eliminate corruption and enforce the rule of law, said the future Prime Minister.
Mickoski announced that after the vote on Sunday, as early as Tuesday The Government will present a major new renewable energy investment worth 400 million EUR. Mickoski said that the government will work to achoeve economic growth of up to 5 percent and create thousands of new, well paying jobs by stimulating the private sector.
He pledged to achieve this result partially througg major infrastructure investments, renewing work on the highway to Ohrid and badly needed reconstruction of the North-South railway corridor.
We continue to stand together with our EU partners and together we will harmonize the common foreign policy with the EU. Support for Ukraine to defend and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity continues, said Mickoski outlining Macedonia’s foreign policy priorities.
Finally Mickoski urged the new ministers to work for the people, not for their respective parties.