Kurir.mk reports that the administrator of the large Telegram group where pornographic materials of underage girls were shared is an adult, a married man and a father. According to the news site, the 40 year old man from Skopje was among the first and most avid distributors of child porn on the group which included 7.000 members, many of them underaged.

it is still being determined if the photographs and video materials came from underage girls in Macedonia. Contact details for underage girls were being shared on the group, along with comments that this or that girl is a prostitute.

It is reported that the neighbors of the man know his identity and angrily confronted him yesterday. The man who went by the name “Virus” was forced to delete some of the most indecent comments he posted.

Interim Interior Minister Nake Culev said that a request was sent to Telegram, so that the app management will help identify the people who shared child porn.