President Stevo Pendarovski attended the opening ceremony of the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece that took place in Sofia.

Macedonia is hoping that this link may help provide much needed gas supplies in the coming winter, as its only import pipeline for Russian gas goes through Bulgaria. This link could add gas from other sources, such as Azerbaijan or the US, to the mix.
Pendarovski met with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and welcomed the fact that the meeting is held to discuss practical matters that can help improve living standards, as opposed to the frequent historic disputes between the two countries.

If you had invited me here to discuss Tsar Samoil, I wouldn’t have come, Pendarovski said, referring to Bulgarian claims on the Macedonian medieval period. “But I’m always at your disposal to discuss issues that we were elected to promote, the clean EU agenda, the actual criteria for EU membership. I don’t want to discuss history or to allow history to dominate what we were elected to do since 2019 or 2020”.