Professor Gordana Siljanovska said Monday on TV Alfa that she won about 100,000 Macedonian votes more than the consensual candidate of SDSM and DUI.

My figures show that I received over 100,000 Macedonian votes more than my oponent, and it does not lead us to unification, but to division, said Siljanovska, talking about the divisions between Macedonian and Albanian voters.

Siljanovska revealed what she thought first when counting showed a certain victory for Stevo Pendarovski.

I expected a decision from the citizens themselves, in which I deeply believed and I called for, that I do not address the parties, although Macedonia is living a time of partocracy, not democracy. Before the end of the voting, my conclusion was that the Macedonian world has not changed, that in the last few hours the decision was made by the parties, not the citizens. It is not logical that over 90 percent of the people in one municipality, where they had previously voted for Reka, now suddenly change their minds. I expected changes, the decision-making method is not changed, I think that religious leaders had some influence in this way of voting, which is even more strange for a secular state, she said.