The names of the schools cannot be more important than the conditions for teaching and the conditions of the building for the Ministry of Education, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said Wednesday, answering a reporter’s question in relation to the renaming of two schools in Cair.

If in our educational process the names of schools are essential, and not the quality of teaching, then we live in different times. I would rather have those schools filled with students, to have more supervisory and educational resources inside, than to hear Zaev pre-election excuses. We can see that in students in the Tetovo high school “Kiril Pejcinovic” are still studying in substandard conditions, said Mickoski.

And the conditions in the schools whose names are being changed are catastrophic. These are photos from the “Rajko Zinzifov” school now called “Ismail Qemali”.