If the Supreme Court’s decision on the case Transporter is that the abolition bestowed by the former President Gjorgje Ivanov is valid, it will be a clear indicator what direction will the Strasbourg Court on Human Rights’ decisions take.

What is most important is that the Supreme Court’s decision will apply to all other cases involving people abolished by Ivanov.

The Supreme Court involvement comes after the court in Strasbourg declared that the submission of the complaints is premature and that the appellants circumvented the higher Macedonian courts, that is they should have appealed to the Court of  Appeals and the Supreme Court first.

The complaint to Strasbourg Court was submitted  y the ex-PM Nikola Gruevski and 53 other ex-officials, all of them abolished by the former President Ivanov in 2016 on the cases related to the investigations carried out by the Special Prosecution Office, which doesn’t exist anymore.