Bomb threats sent to the e-mail addresses of schools since October last year, instill panic among students, disrupt their mental health and negatively affect their socialization, according to the participants of a forum within the scientific research project of the University of “St. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje.

The forum was held today at the “Georgi Dimitrov” high school in Skopje, which is among the schools in the capital that received an email this morning with a bomb threat, after which students from the first shift, as on other occasions so far, were evacuated from the facility. In order not to lose classes, students should switch to online classes in an hour, as long as they need to return to their homes, to follow the classes.

The Ministry of Education and Science has sent a letter to the directors of schools in the country about the urgent measures they should take for the smooth implementation of the educational process in a safe and stimulating work environment.

The Ministry indicates to the primary and secondary schools in the municipalities guidelines and methods of using e-mail addresses, to strengthen the control of entry/exit of the schools, on the days when there is a bomb threat, the school should organize online teaching instead of a complete suspension of teaching.