If there are big fires this summer, we can only pray to God to send us rain. The authorities did not learn the lesson from last year when fires were raging and when we had to call for help from several countries that came with equipped firefighters, planes and helicopters.

This year we are welcoming the fire season completely unprepared. Of the three “Air Tractor” planes  procured by the previous government of VMRO-DPMNE, only one is operational. 

Former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev last August, when there were large fires in Kocani and Berovo, promised that they would be serviced in ten days. A year has passed since then, but the planes have not been repaired.

This was also confirmed by the director of the Crisis Management Center Stojance Angelov, who says that he does everything in his power to be prepared if there are fires.

Prime Minister Zaev gave the order but the situation was so complicated that the planes have not been repaired to this day. One has been returned serviced, the second is being serviced and should be returned at any moment and the third has not been sent for service yet, Angelov explained on the “Zaspij ako mozes” show on TV Alfa.