Opera singer and dissident Igor Durlovski called on the citizens to join the large rally planned for Sunday, to support the political prisoners of the Zaev regime. The rally is primarily held to call for the liberation of 16 protesters and Interior Ministry officials who were given lengthy prison sentences as “terrorists” over the April 27th 2017 incident in the Parliament. Durlovski was also charged with the case, refused an offer of pardon, and was the only person that the regime appointed judge did not dare sentence.

In his message, he cited the example of one of the “terrorists” – Mitko Pesov, who fought with the special forces during the 2001 war. “He defended his country in the Kale of Tetovo, in Aracinovo, Kumanovo-Lipkovo, in Radusa. He dedicated his life to the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Macedonia. Now he is sentenced to 15 years in prison as a terrorist by his own country”, Durlovski said.

Pesov was sentenced along with former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov and several other Ministry officials as the Zaev regime was trying to create a case that the police did not act fast enough to prevent the storming of the Parliament. On the day, SDSM staged an irregular vote for a Parliament Speaker, without informing the Interior Ministry, while a large protest was going on in front of the building. As a result, the Interior Ministry did not have sufficient forces to secure the site.