Igor Filkov, born in 1979, is the candidate of the Movement ZNAM – For our Macedonia for the Minister of Justice, and Goran Minchev (1972) is the candidate for the Minister of Public Administration.

The names of members of the new government from the party of Maxim Dimitrievski were determined at a session of the party’s Central Board tonight, and then they were announced at a press conference by Nikola Memov, the spokesperson of ZNAM.

He said that the negotiations with the coalition partners in the future government continue for two deputy minister positions, but that they have not yet been defined. Also, ZNAM will negotiate for positions in the third echelon, that is, for director positions.

Movement ZNAM – For our Macedonia won six seats in the Parliament in the Parliamentary elections, and the vice-president of the party, Vesna Bendevska, is one of the three vice-presidents of the Parliament.