VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev visited Tuesday the municipalities of Delcevo and Makedonska Kamenica as part of the “Macedonia’s Renewal is Coming” campaign.

We visited a lot of companies, we met with citizens, we had several meetings with target groups, but we will also have party meetings, of course. What I can see in the meetings with all these people, is the huge dissatisfaction we see with the current government, with this criminal-racketeering gang led by Zaev. What I can convey is that especially the businessmen, the business climate, this whole economic sector is totally disrupted and simply the economic situation is completely devastated as it happens in every segment of our society. People expect change, people expect that the renewal of Macedonia will finally come where we will make our country a decent place where every one of us can have a quality life. What we have already announced we continue to do these days. As you already had the opportunity to see, major infrastructure investments are announced. Two billion euros in infrastructure investments, a new highway connecting Skopje and Bitola through Veles and Prilep. More than 150 kilometers of investment in new expressways, and virtually no highway that will not be repaired or rehabilitated. New investments in railways, new investments in sewerage and water supply systems, but also new airlines that will offer cheap flights. You know we can and we know how to do it. April 12 is near, the renewal is coming, Janusev said.