Bogdan Ilievski, one of the leaders of the 2017 protests who was charged and detained in the politically driven April 2017 case, wrote a scathing comment about prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska and her refusal to press charges or request detention for Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva.

Even as the media and the public are abuzz with the reports of Janeva’s involvement in high profile racketeering of businessmen, who had millions extorted from them using the wiretaps Janeva is guarding, Ruskoska said that she sees no flight risk and will not ask for detention. Ruskoska said that Janeva has a family in Macedonia, including her son Lazar who was allegedly involved in the extortion, and this means she is not a flight risk, which contrasted sharply with Ruskoska’s request for lengthy detention against Ilievski and other critics of the Zaev regime.

Again, for the 100th time, no person alive deserves to be forced to spend 10 minutes in the pigsty that is the Sutka prison. That is not a place fit for people and most animals. BUT, the argument that the prosecutors will not request measures against the Madam because she has a family is disastrous. It reveals that the prosecutors are seemingly forced to prosecute her, although they don’t really want to do so, and it all looks like a controlled explosion which is meant to bring down only the balcony, but leave the house intact. She has a family, huh? And what were we? Were we found in the street so they arrested us? Were we flown in by the stork? Fine, say we are monkeys, at least the animal welfare groups will defend us. Don’t we have mothers, wives, brothers, sisters, children, whose lives were ruined by her racketeering charges and staged trials? Doesn’t Mile Janakieski have three small children? He faces a heart surgery. Or are some more equal under the law than others, Ilievski wrote, blasting the double judicial standards used on critics and supporters of the Zaev regime.