In an interview with the “Sto ne e jasno” show, Bogdan Ilievski spoke about the current political situation in the country, the “April 27” case, the economic and health crisis, as well as expectations for the coming period.

Ilievski stressed that there is no doubt that the people imprisoned in the “April 27” case are political prisoners, and this is confirmed by the fact that in the polls conducted in recent days, over 50% of respondents believe that these people are imprisoned due to political pressure and threats. Ilievski adds that all this was a scenario of the government and in order to kill the desire to fight for a better tomorrow for the citizens.

He says that after the unfortunate events on April 27, media witch hunts were conducted that lasted for a long time, which contributed to creating an atmosphere for people to be convicted before the trial. Ilievski added that the whole case was conducted with double standards, and thus it was proved that the judiciary in the Republic of Macedonia is on its knees and reforms are needed, but real reforms.