2.5 years ago I was honored to be prime minister. I think that I can do a lot for the country and I will try to stay and perform this function, said outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday’s interview with MRT.

Zaev announced that he will yet show what he knows in the economy once the international problems are solved, and the state is at the door of NATO and EU.

If our people stood on their feet and made bold decisions that really opened up the integration processes, the processes we made for the sake of the economy, it is now honorable for our people to feel the benefits of it. Now all salaries are rising. And not only salaries, but also pensions. We believe that all this increased consumption power will help the economy further. I’m concentrated to work, the economy is moving forward and by -1 percent, we have reached +3.2 percent in the first quarter. The economy is moving forward and we need to work for the better, the outgoing prime minister said.

Referring to the Prespa Agreement, Zaev expressed confidence that the realization will take place in parallel on both sides.

I believe that what we are doing as a state with the Prespa Agreement is to remove them and those still unimplemented things, such as the name, let’s say, the archaeological museum, something that has not been removed, or something like that, is going to happen in parallel with the Greek side changing the boards and they have an obligation in their contract. I am glad that the Thessaloniki business forum has sent a very welcoming atmosphere, businessmen want businesses, citizens want cooperation, we are here to serve them, and Prime Minister Mitsotakis has really shown his need to pay more attention to the economy by looking at it building our friendship that we have not had in the past, the outgoing prime minister said.

In the interview, he said citizens should not forget what previous government, calling it a criminal gang and structure had done for the past 11 years.