A video from the late night Jadi Burek show, hosted by Janko Ilkovski, has gone viral. In it, an elderly ethnic Albanian caller makes an impassioned plea for unity between Macedonians and Albanians in the run up to the elections.

Let’s stop with all the foolishness, discussing who is braver or is more in the right. I’m sick of it. They tell tales about monuments, while Macedonia is emptying out. I’m sick of the Albanian parties that keep talking about the Albanian language, even though I’m an Albanian. We are just lying to each other. Macedonians are reasonable people, well read, can talk about many issues. Albanians work hard, but don’t know how to handle their money, won’t read as much. Abroad, Macedonians and Albanians live closely, as friends. Let’s put an end to our arguments here, let’s live together like in the advanced countries, said the man in the widely shared video.

The Albanian man, who didn’t identify himself and who spoke in fluent Macedonian, blamed the politicians for the alarming levels of emigration from Macedonia.

Everybody is leaving. Once upon a time, it was the Macedonians who would sell their homes in Gostivar. They would complain that the Albanians are pushing them out, by force. Now the Albanians too are selling their homes. Everybody is fleeing. We will have no people left in the country. We will have nobody to bury us left here, we will have to unite, Macedonians and Albanians together, so we can give each other the curtesy of a funeral.