After several heated exchanges, Professor Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, who leads the VMRO-DPMNE list in the 1st electoral district, told her immediate competitor Nikola Dimitrov which article of the criminal code he violated when signing the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria.

Siljanovska, who is a strong critic of both treaties, said that they bring Macedonia in a subservient position to foreign countries. This is punishable by at least five years in prison under article 308 of the code. “A citizen of the Republic of Macedonia who puts the Republic of Macedonia in a position of subservience or dependence toward another country will be punished with prison of at least five years”, is the article, which Siljanovska today shared online in a clear message aimed at Dimitrov.

Dimitrov signed the treaties that force Macedonia to change its name and begin a process of redefining what it means to be a Macedonian. He now leads the SDSM list in the 1st district and is directly confronted with Siljanovska.