As announced, journalist Branko Geroski published details of the Racket 2 affair, in which Health Minister Venko Filipce and Health Insurance Fund director Den Doncev prevented the sale of Diadem to a Swedish firm for personal gain, preventing foreign investors from investing 11 million euro in Macedonia.

He said that he has unofficially found out that the party concerned in the case gave a statement to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and on that occasion it was really about some money. Big money. But not about the money Zaev hoped for. But about the money the affected party paid regularly, on a monthly basis, under pressure, so that payments from the health office for dialysis services could run smoothly.

And not just because of that – the affected party stated that she had to pay the racket to avoid a “dark scenario” that Den Doncev allegedly announced to them through an intermediary. We are talking, then, of money that ended up in someone’s pocket, of regular payments where the “man with a beard” was the intermediary. Unofficially I found out that the party concerned also pointed out the identity of the “man with a beard”, stating that it was an influential clergyman, often seen in high circles in the establishment, Geroski explained in his latest column.

Here’s material to Zaev for another argument, if he so much loves to get involved in investigations and prosecution matters. I still think it is best for him and all the other people with political influence and power, and especially the people in the executive branch, to leave the Public Prosecutor’s Office and investigators to do their job calmly and independently, to investigate the allegations that they come up with, to gather evidence, to establish the truth, Geroski said.