The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) promoted a four volume edition about the Macedonian language, which is seen as a response to the pressure from Bulgaria, which demands that the Macedonian language is declared a mere Western dialect of the Bulgarian.

The volumes aim to give a full and thorough response about the continuity and evolution of the Macedonian language and its place in international Slavistics. They show how the so-called linguistic dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria is absurd. How can it be that basic human rights are denied in the 21st century? When it declares the Macedonian language as artificial, the Bulgarian Academy uses two senseless claims – its similarity with the Bulgarian language, and the alleged political nature of the Macedonian language, said MANU President Ljupco Kocarev.

Academics Katica Kulafkova and Marjan Markovic also spoke at the event, held in front of the MANU building in Skopje, and pointed to the international studies focusing on the Macedonian language, and asked that politicians in both countries bear these in mind when discussing the issue.

Bulgaria is trying to impose its positions on Macedonia in the run up to the opening of EU accession talks, and is especially trying to prevent having the Macedonian language declared an official EU language.