The largest shareholder in “Eurostandard Bank”, Trifun Kostovski, informed Tuesday that the full report of the investigation into the bankruptcy in “Eurostandard Bank”, which he informed about at Monday’s press conference, is available through the “Covekot pred se” news portal. He announces that in the coming days he will respond to the reactions that followed the publication of the report of the investigation, which was prepared by his order by a team led by Drago Kos, an international expert against corruption and organized crime.

Regarding the reactions of National Bank, Komercijalna Bank, Macedonian Banking Association and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime, through their official statements, I announce that in the coming days I and the team of investigators will provide a relevant and factual response to the above-mentioned institutions and banks, Kostovski stated in a statement.

At Monday’s presentation of the report, Kos and Kostovski announced that “an illegal scheme between banks has been operating in the country since 2004, and the National Bank (NB) refused to recognize and prevent the existence of that scheme”. Between 2004 and 2011, seven banks, 45 other companies and one individual were involved in the scheme. “Eurostandard Bank”, according to the report, became part of the illegal lending scheme as early as 2011, and Kostovski claims that this was done without his and the shareholders’ knowledge. According to Kostovski, “Eurostandard Bank” was driven into bankruptcy on purpose, and the National Bank, as he indicated, only used regular measures and bankruptcy as tools, and extraordinary measures were partially used.

In separate reactions, NB and the Macedonian Banking Association (MBA) rejected the allegations and urged not to harm the public interest and that the Macedonian banking sector was and remains the healthiest fabric of our economy.