Today alone  21 COVID-19 deaths were recorded. These are 21 families wrapped in black. These are 21 people whose lives could have been saved, if Zaev and Filipce had procured vaccines in time, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

The whole region is getting vaccinated, everyone is ordering millions of doses, only Zaev is happy with the 8 thousand vaccines he receives as a donation, instead of getting to work and procuring vaccines for everyone. Every day spend without vaccines is another day of lost human lives that could have been saved. Stoilkovic said 90,000 Chinese vaccines were available to the government for rapid implementation. Why haven’t the government and Filipce taken any action so far to procure vaccines, the opposition asks.

Zaev and Filipce must be held accountable for the fact that until now they lied to the public that the vaccines were about to arrive.