The independent police trade union called for a public rally today at 10h in front of the Vip Hotel with demands for pay raises, a new collective agreement at the MoI, better rights and better living conditions.

The demands regarding the announced protest are: recognition of the union as a representative trade union at the MoI, a new collective agreement at the MoI and the forest police, better conditions and rights for a better life, the rule of law at the MoI, halting calculations with union representatives, halting to illegal redeployments, a 25% pay rise in police, forest police, prison police and judicial police. We expect more than 500 employees to attend the public rally at the aforementioned institutions, the organizers said.

Protesters from the Vip hotel will march at 10.30 am to the Mavrovka – Vero Jumbo – Red Cross – National Assembly – Paloma Bianca junction – to the Government building. The protest is planned to end at around 14h. A press conference  is planned for 13h in front of the government building.