Education inspectors have found problems with the doctorate of Aleksandar Spasov, professor at the Skopje law faculty and adviser to President Stevo Pendarovski.

Spasov, who is a representative of the ruling SDSM party, has changed his doctorate thesis, and then presented it before a commission which included a member who didn’t have the necessary credentials. The report determining the issues with Spasov’s PhD, which can lead to having it revoked, was prepared by inspector Predrag Ilievski and was submitted to Education Minister Arbr Ademi, along with four other similar reports. According to the Lider news site, the report has been ignored by the Minister.

Lider announced it will publish the names of the other officials and professors holding problematic PhDs in the coming days.

Aleksandar Spasov was nominated by Pendarovski as member of the National council for European integration. He is the son of professor Ljudmil Spasov – nepotism is rampant in Macedonian state universities and children of professors are frequently fast-tracked for tenured positions.