One of the suspects detained in the major mafia passports scandal is close to Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, it was revealed today. The Ministry is under an investigation after it was revealed that clerks issued over 200 passports to mafia figures and hitmen from the region and beyond – including a top money launderer of the Italian mafia and a powerful Turkish boss.

Spasovski responded by claiming that he was actually investigating the ring of Interior Ministry employees. But today, VMRO-DPMNEofficial Gjorgjia Sajkoski revealed pictures showing Spasovski in the company of one of the suspects. The clerk, identified as N.Z., who is visibly an activist of the ruling SDSM party judging by her social media comments, had Spasovski over for an iftar dinner.

We see this person, who is a suspect in the mafia passports scandal, in the company of Spasovski. All it takes is to scratch the surface and the crimes go straight to the top of Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski, Sajkoski said in a press conference.

During the press conference he also pointed to another in the growing line of mobsters who were given Macedonian passports. Spanish heroin trafficker Luis Volina who was sentenced to six years in prison last year was one of the mafia bosses who apparently bought passports from our Interior Ministry.