Even as state prosecutors wash their hands off of the revelation that powerful SDSM member of Parliament and leader of the “Colored Revolution” Pavle Bogoevski has recently purchased cocaine, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said that the police will eventually get to investigate the case.

It doesn’t matter if he has a high political office, it won’t bring any advantage to him in the case, on the contrary, it means that his responsibility is even greater. We have no particular reason not to act on the case, and we will, as in all other cases, Spasovski said.

Never the less the Interior Minister, like many of his party colleagues shifted the blame in the case on the person who recorded Bogoevski on the phone talking to his dealer. SDSM assumed power by using illegally wiretapped phone conversations provided to the party by rogue agents in the UBK intelligence agency, who were later lauded as heroes once SDSM was in office. But in this case, a number of Bogoevski’s colleagues and Bogoevski himself want to go against the leaker, and are ignoring the accountability of the drug purchasing member of Parliament.

Bogoevski defends himself by saying that his dealer was supposed to provide him with cannabis oil, not cocaine, and that the oil was not even for him but for a sick family member.